Is Reverse Number Lookup A Violation Of Privacy Rights?

help-buttonIs Reverse Phone Lookup A Violation Of Privacy Rights?….There was a time when all the phone lines were manually operated and utmost secrecy was maintained. It was very difficult to search or find out anyone’s address or location, or for that matter, any information about a person if you only had his or her phone number. Reverse number lookup is now easier than ever before.

There was even legislation regarding it. The telephone department was not to let out any personal information on the basis of the phone numbers only. But the times have changed a lot. Now we have the concept of reverse search. What it exactly means is that with the help of just a phone number you can find out all the personal information of a person that is available in the public records. You may get his registered name and address instantly along with other information, including in a lot of cases the person’s criminal background.

There are many online services which provide reverse number lookup for small fee. You may find it unbelievable but for around $25 you may get the personal information which is available in public records like his criminal and civil cases, marriage and divorce details. With a few clicks and a few dollars you can find out about anyone’s drunken driving arrests, his birth and adoption records, bankruptcy details, his family history, his FBI files and many other interesting stuff!…. The list is exhaustive and scary! You can do all this anonymously, without the other person getting any wind of your probing.

Reverse number lookup is actually a boon and a curse. It is a boon for employers and of course for all those love struck Romeos who are not getting any response from their lady loves. However, the telesales people and the salespersons are having a field day going through the available personal information and following up with incessant phone calls.

You may be in the middle of a luxurious shower or an important business meeting and suddenly your cell phone rings only to be offered a “low interest loan especially for you”! Fuming you slam the phone and wonder at the same time “How did she get my number?” Well, so now you know the culprit is the reverse number lookup service!

There has been a lot of debate going on regarding it because it is gross violation of a person’s privacy. You may be going steady with the most eligible bachelor in the town and he can open your wardrobe of skeletons with the telephone number you gave him! And do not stay under the impression that cell phone numbers and the unlisted numbers are safe!

They are as prone to the problem as the landline connections. Reverse number lookup works for any phone number, no matter if it is a cell phone, a landline or an unlisted phone number.

Reverse Number Lookup works in three easy steps: enter phone number, press one button, make payment and get access to data (current address, previous address, criminal history, marital status, employment).

Using Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services

Occasionally, a time will arise in our lives in which we need to find out who is the owner of a certain telephone number. For example, someone may keep calling you without leaving a message and you want to find out who it is.

Or maybe someone is prank calling you and you want them to stop. Perhaps a telemarketer won’t stop calling despite your pleas to be left alone. Or maybe you suspect your husband and wife is cheating and you see a
strange number on his or her cell phone.

Whatever your reason may be, you will most likely end up using a reverse phone number lookup service. These paid services can research any telephone number and provide you with a full phone report including the owner’s name, address, connection status, type of phone line, and other details.

But before you spend money on these services let me tell you about a free method for looking up phone numbers. Just go to Google, Yahoo, or MSN, enter the telephone number, and click “search”.

You may have to experiment a bit to get the right results. Try entering the number both in quotes and out of quotes, and try different number formats including:




While this method is free, it is not the most reliable. You have to hope that the owner posted his or her number somewhere on a website, forum, or blog such as MySpace. Also, keep in mind that the results are not guaranteed and could be outdated or outright incorrect.

Of course, it can’t hurt to try since it’s not costing you anything.

But if you strike out with the search engine method, your best bet is a reverse phone number lookup service. While they aren’t free, the cost is pretty fair for the amount of information provided and the time saved.

It would cost hundreds of dollars to pay a private investigator to collect all of the information in a typical phone report, but online services can offer you the same detailed information for around $14 per number. Also, some services will let you pay a one-time fee (usually around $39-59) for the right to run as many phone number searches as you want.

Why do they charge for the lookup service? Well first of all that’s their business. If you were able to provide such a valuable service would you just give it away?

Also, the lookup services themselves are charged for each search they run. This is because their searches involve submitting a query to the databases of various telephone companies and cell phone carriers. The carriers charge the lookup service a fee each time the need to access the database for a search, so the lookup service has to pass along the cost to you. If they didn’t they’d quickly find themselves out of business.

For this reason, there is no such thing as a free reverse phone number lookup service. They just don’t exist. And if you see a lookup service promising “free” results, use caution. They are either using deceptive marketing to lure you in or they are teasing you with a free search in hopes that you’ll pay for another of their services.